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by Robert Fielder


1. Exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability.

2. A person who is exceptionally intelligent or creative, either generally or in some particular respect: “musical genius“. Read the rest of this entry »

There’s an unwritten rule of blogging which holds that all blogs must publish some form of predictions piece before the new season gets underway. With the help of Ben Shave, David Dickson, Jack Pitt-Brooke, Jamie Cutteridge, Luke Moore and Tom Goulding, here’s our own humble offering. Read the rest of this entry »

by Rocco Cammisola

Lazio won their first league title – Scudetto – in 1974, a team led by Tommaso Maestrelli beat Juventus to the title by just two points. On the pitch they played a high paced, attacking style that has seen certain members of the squad remembered as all-time legends. However, off the pitch they were an unruly bunch of prickly characters who failed to observe any sort of social standards. Read the rest of this entry »

by Chris Shaw

When Inter Milan ended a 45-year wait to lift the European Cup at the Santiago Bernabéu in May 2010, their 2-0 victory over Bayern Munich was the culmination of a run which had been fundamentally based on organisation. José Mourinho, famed for his man-management and pragmatic tactics, had moulded a team in his own image: determined, ruthless and adaptable. Read the rest of this entry »

“Bad Boy Entertainment did not shoot anybody. I didn’t shoot anybody.” – Puff Daddy

Stubborn, petulant, aggressive, uncouth and cold; it’s entirely fair to say that Mario Balotelli doesn’t enjoy the fawning sympathy of the world’s media. Painted as an uncontrollable young man lacking the requisite facilities for respect and decency, Balotelli is treated like a caged animal as journalists and opponents alike prod him with sticks before running for cover and hoping that they’ve done enough to provoke a response. Read the rest of this entry »


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