Do you need to know basic things about Does this site intrigue you, but you don’t know how to use it? If yes, we suggest you go through these FAQs. No need to wait in the queue at support’s number; these answers can help you the quickest. If your query is not in these answers, please feel free to Contact Us.

Q. How does the help me?

equaliserfootball offers you completely transparent information about the tipsters registered with our network. No result can be altered, nor can tip be edited. All published profits and losses are fully verified.

Q. Can I buy betting tips from equaliserfootball? only acts as a marketplace for connecting tipsters with punters. We do not sell tips or predictions of football matches.

Q. What is equaliserfootball Platforms?

equaliserfootball Platform is a dedicated and unalterable Tipster Management Platform system. Once submitted, the tips here cannot be edited or adjusted. We verify the results with tips only after the match concludes.

Q. Is there possibility for a Tipster to cheat?

No. The equaliserfootball platform is fully protected from any kind of unauthorized editing of tips. The tips information exchange happens entirely between the tipster and the punter. If any discrepancy is found in tips and published results on verification, the tipster is removed from the system with immediate effect.

Q. What if the information or results are different? They are cheating!

All tipsters in our network are required to deposit a protection fee of $20,000. It is mandatory. It implies that the punters’ investing their trust in our tipsters are insured for an amount up to $20,000.

Q. Can I Join More than One Service?

Definitely, yes! You can avail as many services as desired. Joining multiple services can fetch you numerous tips that can help you earn more profits too.

Q. Do I need an Account at Specific Bookmakers?

No. You can bet on any betting site of your choice. Tipsters in our network may provide you a bookmaker recommendation where the best odds are available according to them.

Q. What does Return On Investment mean?

Return on investment means earnings you made from any bet. If you bet $2, and the odd is 4/1, you will make earnings equal to $2x4. Thus, $8 is your return on investment in this case.

Q. What does Strike Rate mean?

A strike rate means a total number of winning tips divided by the total number of tips given.

Q. What does Capital Growth mean?

Capital Growth means initial bank amount minus bank amount after a certain period of betting.

Q. What sort of Stakes should I be Using?

In our tipster network, the stake value will be represented by units that may range from 5 to 10. The stake amount is assigned to each unit by the punter.

Q. What size betting bank do I need?

It depends upon the service you use. Read the tipster site’s terms of use to know more about expected expenses.

Q. How much Money can I Earn as a Tipsters?

It depends on three things - 1. Your Subscriber Base, 2. What is your tipping fee per tip, and 3. How profitable are you? Our platform has not fixed any upper limit for your earnings.

Q. How many Subscribers can I Expect?

No one can predict this. We only provide you the platform to connect with punters. It depends upon you how you leverage the reputation of to your benefits.

Q. What are the Requirements I must Meet to Become a Tipster?

Please read about the requirements on Verify Tips page. In a nutshell, we will monitor your tips for three months to assess the correctness and profitability before granting you our membership.

Q. How do I Become a Tipster?

It is straightforward! Kindly visit the Verify Tips page. Fill in the registration form there, and that is it.