How many games in the English premier league season
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In the English Premier League, a cummulative number of 380 games are played inside ten months.

The premier league season kicks off around mid-August and runs through early May. A total number of twenty teams compete in the league, and they play against each other twice each season, with one team playing another on their turf and the other team’s turf.

Every team in the league has 38 games to accumulate enough points to win the league.

Each team in the league has different objectives based on the strength of their team, history of the club, and how much the club’s board spends in preparation for the premier league season.

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Which Clubs Are The Top Teams In The English Premier League?

The English Premier League is undoubtedly the most competitive in the world. The Premier League is very competitive, unlike other leagues where one of two teams dominate year in year out while the weaker teams find them almost unplayable.

However, a couple of teams called the “top six” teams always end every premier league season in the high positions regularly. They include Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Tottenham.

They have not always been six, though. In the past, the term “Top four” was the known term as Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Arsenal always clinched the top four spots every season.

Things began to change after the big Money takeover at Manchester City converted them to title contenders and a top team in the league. Tottenham also became a top side after Mauricio Pochettino took over the managerial role.

There have been seasons where upsets have been recorded. A typical example is Leicester City winning the league in the 2015/2016 premier league season, which is regarded as the biggest miracle in football.

Leicester had just struggled to avoid relegation the previous season, and they went ahead to win the league.

English Premier League

What Is The Festive Season Fixtures?

The festive season fixtures are Premier League Games played during the Christmas festivities. For most leagues, the Christmas period is when they go on their break because of the harsh winter conditions.

The English league does not subscribe to this ideology as this period is the busiest for English premier league teams. Clubs can play as many as three games in the space of just eight days. This fixture pile-up is a test of the depth of teams in the league as there is a need for rotation to keep players fresh.

On many occasions, English premier league coaches have accused the English FA of not caring about teams playing in European competitions when drawing up their fixtures and fixing the date and time of the matches.

However, not much has been done or can be done about it as fixtures are scheduled according to how the broadcasters want it. It is no news that the English FA and premier league clubs get a huge chunk of their revenue from the TV broadcasters.

Teams with European duties in other leagues are given Friday or early Saturday fixtures. Whereas, their counterparts in the English league can have late Sunday fixture before a mid-week European engagement.