English Premier League


People wonder just how much the premier league winner gets for finishing ahead of every other team in the league. Some people think that the EPL prize money alone can run into millions of pounds. Using the 2019/2020 winners as a case study.

Liverpool got only £35.5 million for their efforts. Manchester City, who finished as runner-up, got just about £2 million less than Liverpool. However, other add-ons, Overseas TV revenue, commercial revenue, facility fees, etc. will make it exceed the £100 million mark when added to this money.

In the 2018/2019 league season, which was won by Manchester City, even though they got the EPL prize money, Liverpool still made more money from the league than they did.

However, apart from the financial part, winning the premier league comes with bragging rights for a full year, which many teams want. The bragging right is evident in the two Manchester clubs. Manchester United have not won the league title since 2013, while Manchester City has been regularly.

This has led to Manchester City fans using the banter “Manchester is Blue.”

EPL Prize Money

How Does The Premier League Prize Money Compare With Other Leagues?

The EPL prize money is by far the largest in Europe. This does not come as a surprise as the English Premier League makes more money than any other league from sponsorship and TV broadcasting.

The premier league has also adopted the equal sharing of money gotten from broadcasting rights. This has seen teams that finished seven and eight earn almost the same as Barcelona and Madrid. The English FA adopted this sharing method to ensure top teams are not very much stronger than others down the table.

How Do Football Clubs Make Money

We know football clubs are very rich because they pay players huge wages that make them multimillionaires. But how do these clubs make their money? There are a couple of ways football clubs make their money; they include:

Prize Money: In The English premier league, there is prize money offered to participating teams depending on the position they finished in. The higher the position in the league, the more money they get. This is one-way teams in the EPL make money.

Player sales: This is a very good way smaller teams make money. They scout for unknown players with huge potential and sell them to the rich clubs for a huge profit.

An example of a club that has made huge profits from player sales is Leicester city. They signed Kante for £5.6 million and sold him to Chelsea a year later for £32 million.

Also, Mahrez was signed for £450000 and was sold to Manchester City for £60 million. They have also made huge profits from the sales of players like Maguire and Chilwell.

Other ways include:

Gate receipts from match days

Sales Of Jerseys

Sponsorship, etc

The premier league winner gets a very attractive prize money. The premier league prize money is the biggest of all the leagues of the world.

Competing in the premier league alone guarantees that the club is will have huge revenue at the end of the league season due to the equal sharing of TV right money.