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How to make money betting on football?

Making money on football game is a fancy thought. It is like a double whammy for a football lover who gets to enjoy the game he is passionate about and mint money while doing so. In this blog, we acquaint you with some cool tips on how to make money betting on football game by answering popular questions most commonly asked by beginners.

What are the safest bets to make money from football betting?

Making a bet on a football game may have two outcomes – win or lose. Hence, the risk factor cannot be ignored. If anybody wants to have more winnings per football session, the preferred option will be to play safe, do great research and also, look for bets that come with minimal risk. Here are a few bets that are less risky and may offer assured wins in a majority of cases:

  1. BTTS: It means Both Teams to Score. You are simply saying yes or no to the fact whether both teams will score any goal or not. It can be guessed with sufficient comfort if you have done correct situational and historical analysis. Mostly, this bet is likely to end in a win if you have favored it in a match where similarly strong teams or arch rivals are contending. The zeal to outdo each other inspires teams to score against each other. Sometimes, playing the best game against each other ends in clean sheet too. Thus, those opposing the bet also create earning opportunities for themselves.
  2. 1X2 Betting: In this bet, the draw result does not end in bet cancellation. In fact, it brings the returns on the money bet upon. The risk is spread over three possibilities instead of two; thus, it becomes safer. Also, the bettor gets to favor two out of three outcomes.
  3. Sure bet: It is a bet that is most likely to win the bettor money irrespective of the match’s outcome. The bettors favor and lay the same bet on different betting platforms where the odds are placed at quite differently priced. Hence, they pick the odds where returns are likely to be quite high and the chances of winning that odd are quite high too.

How to beat bookmakers to make money from football betting?

Bookmakers have a house advantage which a football bettor needs to overcome. It can be done if the bettors follow the game thoroughly. As a bettor, you must be totally into the research and recording information if you want to have an advantage over the bookmakers. Here are a few instances where you can race out the bookmakers and make money.

  1. In-play betting: In-play betting is where the bets are placed on an ongoing match. It has several markets such as cards, corners, total goals, etc. A little research can help you have more accuracy in your hunches; also, bookmakers who are slow in updating their odds may not have more updated records than what you have. Thus, you get to enjoy an edge over bookmakers in several instances while betting in-play.
  2. Sure betting: You do your research on bookmakers and betting exchanges. In the process, you may find that odds are differently priced at several bookmaking sites. Thus, you may choose to favor and lay a bet, and take advantage of poorly researched odds prices offered by bookmakers. It allows you to mint a lot of money as the difference allows you to play both sides and have winnings.
  3. Next team to score in in-play betting: In-play betting offers you real time situations to bet upon. Thus, your research is almost at the same level as bookmakers’. So, look for conditions during the match when you comfortably have a hunch about the next team to score. The motivation to score the next goal and psychology of team in stronger position work here and help you make money from betting.

How to read odds to make money from football betting

Reading odds correctly is primary requirement to make money. When the odds are assigned to the bet, the teams’ abilities, performance and historical records are taken into consideration. Hence, you must confirm the following things before placing the bet:

  1. Low odd bet: Provided the bookmaker has assigned the odd price correctly, a low odd means high chances of winning. The bookmakers will not want to part with lots of money. Hence, they assign low odds to those matches where the outcomes are almost obvious or the trends are one-sided. Thus, you can safely bet on such odds and keep collecting small profits.
  2. Asian handicap meaning: In Asian handicap, a pre-set odd is assigned to any team. The team favored by all is assigned ‘-‘sign, and the ‘+’ is given to the team that is not so strong. Hence, the bettor may go for favored team to reduce risk unless the research and tipsters tell otherwise.

How to bet profitably on a football match?

It is necessary to have some proven best football betting tips up into your sleeve while betting on football games. A few of these easy tips are:

  • Bet on a result rather than exact score: It may prove quite audacious sometimes if you choose to bet on scores like 2-1, 2-0, and likewise. The possibilities of numbers on the scoreboard could be numerous; this increases the risk associated.
  • Choose favorite team based on numbers: A favorite is one that has outperformed all others in the current season or is likely to continue crushing the opponents. No matter how emotional you are for any person or team, you must go after numbers only.
  • Calculate probability wisely: Confirming the chances is not a matter of luck only. You must know the probability rules for all outcomes before backing one outcome.


It may take an intelligent mind and luck on your side to score a win in a football bet. Football tipsters at can also help you in clearing doubts. Thus, you must follow the tipsters at this site when you want to make money on football majority of times.