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Real Facts About Free Soccer Bets Offered By Sports Bookies

Free soccer bets that are offered by sports bookies might seem like a fantastic deal. After all, what could be better than free money? Well, the chance to win more free money would undoubtedly be up there for a lot of people. But are the free soccer bets that are offered by sports bookies all they are cracked up to be or is there something else going on under the service. We wanted to take a deep dive into the practice to see whether or not punters should be happy to take these free soccer bets or not. Read on for all the real facts that we found out.

Why Do Sports Bookies Offer Free Soccer Bets?

When you think about it, giving bets away does not seem to make a lot of sense. The sports bookies are risking people using those bets to win large amounts of money. But sports bookies do not usually do anything unless it is going to increase their bank balance at the end of the day. The truth of the matter is that free bets are simply used as a tool to keep people betting. The theory goes that even if the player wins from their free bet, they will be back to spend their winnings on more bets. And once that cash has been lost back to the sports bookies, the chances are that they are just going to deposit even more money to place more wagers.

But free soccer bets also act as a smart marketing tool for the sports bookies. It makes them look as though they are rewarding their customers with something to make them feel special. Customers might feel loyalty to that bookie as a result, even if they can get better odds for their chosen wager elsewhere. This is mostly missing out on the chance to win more money. Not only are free soccer bets a good marketing and PR stunt, but they also help with data collection. Bookies can see what wagers the free soccer bets they offer are used for. They can then use this information to come up with targeted marketing and advertising communications to their customers. Again, this has the result that the customer uses that bookie more often.

Can Customers Profit From Using Free Soccer Bets?

So it is clear that sports bookies are not offering free soccer bets out of the goodness of their hearts. But is there anything that customers can do to make a profit out of these bets?

Well, as it happens, there is. There is a practice called matched betting that allows customers to make guaranteed profits by exploiting the many free soccer bets that are widely available. But the sports bookies are trying to clamp down on matched betting as they believe the practice goes against their terms and conditions. Nevertheless, many people find matched betting to be a great way to make a little bit of extra money on the side.

Free soccer bets can also be profitable as long as customers win and immediately withdraw their profits. People need to have a lot of willpower to practice this approach, though. It is effortless to spend the money that is sitting in a sports bookie account rather than taking it out to turn it into cash. After all, for many people, sports betting is nothing more than a fun hobby to do on the weekend. But anyone serious about trying to make money out of the sports bookies should think carefully about their use of free soccer bets. In most cases, the stake will not be returned to the player when they place a wager using free soccer bets. This means it does not normally pay off to simply put the free soccer bet on a heavy favorite to make money that way. You could instead find a soccer tip from a site such as SoccerTipsters to make some cash.

Signing Up With Multiple Sports Bookies For Free Soccer Bets

Free soccer bets are usually one of the top sign-up promotions that are used by sports bookies. For example when you sign up with you can get access to a 100% deposit bonus for sports bookies such as Maxbet, SboBet, M8bet, Pinnacle, United Gaming and CMD368. To tempt people to join up for an account, they use perks like this to draw users in. The idea behind this is that customers will then lose money to the sports bookie in the long run. But astute customers can make the most of these offers by having accounts with a lot of different sports bookies. This approach has a bonus benefit, which is always having the upper hand to take the best odds. Free soccer bets can have a significant benefit for users, but remember the sports bookies are hoping they will continue to come out on top.