The Best Soccer Bet Winning Formula Revealed
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The Best Football Bet Winning Formula Revealed

Can there be a sure shot winning formula for a football bet? The answer would be yes and no. There are certain strategies that work, but may not work always. And sometimes, sheer luck is in your favor and provides you a win in the most unexpected circumstances. It is a part and parcel of football betting practice, still you can benefit a lot if you know about certain formulas that have worked most of the times. Here are some of the most thought about questions regarding winning formulas covered for your understanding.

What bets are no less than winning formula?

You must be aware of a few important football betting tipster strategies that have worked multiple times for most of the people and made them millionaire. The risk is involved, but the chances of winning are certainly high. Thus, you go bank smiling mostly when these football bet tips have worked for you too. Examples are:

  1. Value bets: In the value betting system, you look for the betting bookmakers who have erred in pricing the odds. If you find an odd where a strong team is assigned lower percentage than it deserves, it is your chance at making a value bet. You may place the bet with better confidence and stake more to cash the gap in the bookies’ understanding of the team’s odds at winning, and have better chance of winning.
  2. Matched bets: You select a set of two odds that are very differently valued at different sites. If the odds for two selected bets differ by a figure of four or more, you can defy it on one site and favor it on the other. The matched betting or sure betting works in your favor when you have placed more money on high value odd which, according to you, will emerge successful and a little less than this high stake value on the odd which you are not too sure of. Thus, your chances of winning some money will always be bright.

How betting on all top teams helps win most times?

Various tournaments’ odds open way in advance. Bets on such tournaments can go for months. With changing odds, you can select your personal favorite before actually staking the money. One of such early time betting strategy on sports tournaments is to bet on top teams. The top teams are those teams that are mostly the home teams. These teams may have advantage of crowd support when they are playing in the home ground. Also, top teams are those that have managed to stay on the top of tournaments’ ranking tally most times. Hence, their odds will open at low value.

So, bet in favor of top teams of Serie A when in Italy, of Madrid or Barcelona when in Spain, or support Manchester Utd when tournament is in England and so on. Though a major role is played by luck here, the experiences of bettors reveal that, by practice, this strategy has become a winning formula.

When in-play or live betting serves with good profit chances?

Live betting is an exciting thing to follow. The in-play bettors take a closer look at the emerging trends of the match and speculate the matches’ ending accordingly. Most times, favoring the strong team works more when:

  1. The strong team struggles against the weaker at the start: In such case, mostly strong team starts second round with more enthusiasm and ends the game with crushing the opponent. Thus, such matches can win strong team win or draw bets for you.
  2. One of the strong team’s good player is not playing: Strong team prepares for all contingencies and don’t fret over missing of a player. But, the bookmakers’ algorithm does not capture that emotion and usually, the odd shoots up. Sticking to the strong team’s side offers you a valuable odd and swells up your earning.

How 2-odds roll over work as winning strategy?

In a 2-odds roll over strategy, the punter starts with a certain stake amount. He pockets the investment amount and reinvest earning in a safe accumulator where the profit reinvested can be doubled up to 2-odd.

Talking in figures, the 2-odd accumulator will give the bettor $40 from investment of $20, and likewise $80, $160 and so on as the reinvestment amount is increased. In this case, the initial investment is always scooped out first and all the extra earnings are put to work to pay back the bettor in double the figure.

Safe accumulator selection requires caution. You must try to restrict accumulator to 2-3 bets only. Though the risk is higher, but 2-odds rollover is a systematic way of winning in a bet and can be mastered easily with practice and experience.

What practices offer sure win opportunity to soccer bettors?

Keeping knowledge of game is a must, but what is equally required is the knowledge of betting sites, and correct budgeting rules. Here are some of the safe practices in football betting:

  1. Going in favor of strong teams at home team: Pick value bets where the home team odd go high due to an unexpected turn of event. Unnecessary panicking or unduly reacting to situation is not required. Strong team wins mostly at home ground, experienced bettors share.
  2. Sticking to betting budget: Insane spending does not mean more winning, always remember that! So, bet only what you think is manageable. Stop trying for unrealistic odds in hope to make big wins; also keep eye on the house advantage.
  3. Don’t double up amount to cover loss: Double the amount only when you are confident about the outcome. Just because the team is your favorite, does not make it worthy of more money. So, if you lose betting on the personal favorite, don’t spend on it again without thinking twice. You can get help from best football tipster as well.


A winning formula lies in your intuition, experience and good betting habits. To supplement these, you can take help of tipsters. These experts have very high winning percentage and their tip proves no less than a winning formula in many cases. So, keep your research spot on and seek second opinion from the best betting tips site; it can help have lots of wins from football betting with ease.