UEFA Champions League


When the UEFA Cup is mentioned, not many will know what tournament it is. The UEFA Cup is simply the old name of the Europa League.

Now that we have this out of the way, we can now answer this question. The 2021 Europa League Final is scheduled to hold on 26 May 2021 at the Stadion Energa Gdańsk in Poland. This venue was supposed to be the venue for the 2020 edition, but the Covid-19 Scourge caused it to be moved back a year as the 2020 Europa league was concluded in Germany. The remaining Knockout matches of the tournament was played out on the neutral ground and over one leg to allow the tournament to finish quickly and also to control the spread of the deadly virus.


How Do Teams Qualify For The UEFA Europa League?

The Europa League is UEFA’s second-tier club competition. The Europa League is one competition that is used to compensate top teams that failed to make it into the Champions League. It also gives the very much weaker teams in Europe to play against fairly good teams. In recent times, Winning the Europa League is now attractive to even the big teams as it comes with a hefty prize money as well as automatic qualification into the Lucrative Champions league.

In the Europa League Qualification, seventeen teams qualify directly without going through the process of playing the qualifying rounds. Twenty-one teams make it from the long qualifying process. 6 teams from the champions stream of the UEFA Champions League Qualification process also join to start the Europa League. Then four non-domestic cup winners are added to make the participating teams up to 48.

What Happens After The Teams Are Determined

After the teams are determined, the 48 teams are drawn into twelve groups of four teams each. Each team in a group will go head to head against the remaining three teams in the group over two legs(Home and Away). Three points are added for a win, One for a drawn and Non for losing. Clubs in each group are ranked on the basis points they have accumulated from the twelve matches played in each group. After this is done, the top two teams from each of the groups will make it to the round of thirty-two.

 Europa League

  • Round of 32: The round of 32 features the 24 winners and runner-up of each group in the competition in addition to the eight teams coming from the Champions League. The ranked teams of each group in the Champions League join the Europa League at the round of 32 stage. The teams paired in sixteen separate fixtures played over two legs with the winners advancing. Ties are broken in this sequence; Away goal rule, Extra time and penalties.
  • Round Of 16 and Quarter Finals: The Round Of 16 and Quarter Finals follow the same rules of like the round of 32. The winners of each tie go on to the next round.
  • Semi-Finals And Finals: The winners of the two semi-final ties advance to the final which is play over one leg at a neutral location. The winner of the fine tie is crowned the champion of the Europa League.

Sevilla has won more Europa League final tie than any other team. They have won the final on seven occasions with the latest coming in the just concluded 2019/2020 season where they defeated Inter Milan in the Finals.