English Premier League


From the start of the English premier league in the early 90s, the league has used three different sponsors at different points. However, the league does not have a sponsor as the English FA announced that they wouldn’t be looking for sponsors for the league anymore.

They further stressed that they are focused on having a clean league citing Major League Soccer (MLS) in the United States as an example.

Who sponsors the English premier league?

When the premier league started in 1992, the league had no sponsor, but they quickly sealed a deal with Carling to be the English premier league sponsor the following season.

The league was named the FA Carling premiership when Carling was the premier league sponsor. This sponsorship spanned a period of eight years,1993-2001. Barclaycard took over sponsorship from Carling and held it till 2004.

During the period of its sponsorship, the league was called FA Barclaycard premiership. Barclays became the premier league sponsor from 2004 to 2016. During the period of Barclays’ sponsorship, the league was known by two different names.

The first name, FA Barclays premiership, was used from 2004 to 2007. The second FA Barclays premier league was used from 2007 to 2016.

In 2016 the league announced that it wouldn’t be using a league sponsor going forward. The league still has sponsors and partners, though, as Cadbury sponsors the top scorer, golden glove, and best playmaker awards, Nike makes the official balls and other sponsors and suppliers.

English premier league sponsor

Premier League Club’s Shirt Sponsorship Deals

The premier league has some of the world’s most lucrative club shirt sponsorship deals in the world. As of the 2019/2020 season, the total revenue from all twenty clubs shirt sponsorship deals was an estimated £349.1 million yearly.

Manchester United led the way with their £64 million deal with Chevrolet. Manchester City was a distant second with their £45 million deal with Etihad.

Arsenal, Chelsea, and Liverpool came next with their shirt deals worth £40 million each with the Fly Emirates, Yokohama, and standard chartered, respectively. Tottenham was not too far behind with their £35 million AIA deal.

West ham had the 7th lucrative shirt deal in league with Betway, worth £10 million. Everton was not so far behind with their £9.6 million SportsPesa deal. Then Wolves came next with their ManBetx deal worth £8 million.

Southampton and Burnley were tied with their £7.5 million deals with LD Sports and LoveBet, respectively.

Premier league sponsor

Crystal Palace, Newcastle, and Watford were also tied with £6.5 million deals with ManBetx, Fun88, and Sportsbet.io. Aston Villa was next in the ranking with a £6 million deal with W88. Bournemouth’s £5 million deal with M88, Leicester’s £4 million deal with King Power, Sheffield United’s £3.5 million deal with USG, Norwich’s £3 million deal with Dafabet, and Brighton’s American Express deal worth £1.5 million made up the rest of the ranking.

English premier league sponsors are always willing to throw the cash because of the huge following the league enjoys. The premier league is the most-watched league around the world, and that reason alone attracts all kinds of sponsors.