World Cup Betting
World Cup Betting

World Cup Betting Guide, Strategy and Tips

World Cup is a quadrennial event that brings along it lot of excitement and fun for football lovers. This season the World Cup is going to be held in winter time and at Qatar. Both of these are happening for the first time. Thus, being the host, Qatar has got the chance to be in final squad of 32 teams. The tournament happens among the six groups where the best teams contend, but the match-ups create sure wins situations for bettors. Hence, it is important to have knowledge of best football betting tips, strategy and how to bet on World cup matches. Here are a few important questions answered.

How can one bet on World Cup Matches profitably?

World Cup is a tournament with a massive viewer base. This tournament has some usual favorites that further get to strengthen their records when they take the weaker teams head-on in qualifying rounds. A wide parity in the strengths of teams create sure win possibilities unless any unusual upset happens. Some of the profitable football betting tipsters tips worth trying for betting on the World Cup are:

  1. Lay emphasis on current form mostly: Since World Cup is held every four years, a lot happens in teams over this span. In some cases, player squad changes entirely or the ones having got the place for two or more tournaments see conspicuous drop in their form and fitness. Thus, experience is overpowered by young energy in many cases. It indicates the importance of betting on the basis of current form instead of relying heavily on personal favorites.
  2. Pick odds based on numbers: Yes, World Cup is a tournament where patriotism and emotions cloud the bettors’ betting decisions. People may not think from their head and pump money for their sides; sometimes, it alters the odds size. The key lies in thinking in an unbiased manner and solely on the basis of current numbers. Your country’s side no matter how close to your heart may not fetch you profits as expected.
  3. Pay attention to World’s ranking: You can consider the overall world ranking as the basis for placing a bet. However, it will not be exact criteria and you may get baffled by the performance level viz.a.viz world ranking. England, though placed 16th in world rankings, don’t stand much chance against the European countries’ teams or Brazil. Hence, combine the ranking with overall strength of the team to get an idea of the probable outcome. Again, not depending entirely on records and current form and team composition is important.
  4. Manage bankroll to make it available till the end: World Cup is an event where the teams do their most compelling best to deliver an exceptional performance. Also, anything can click a team and lead it to scoring a win. Croatia, reaching the finals in the 2018 game, is classic example of upsets. Hence, it is better to manage payroll so that you can go for value bets at the end of the match.

How to use group composition information to bet profitably

Keep in consideration the group’s composition. There are several meetings, such as, Belgium-Tunisia, Germany-South Korea happening out of teams’ positioning in various groups; these are the most mismatched combinations and there are no doubts on who is going to win. Thus, keep collecting small profits by favoring the odds and then go for some value bet to increase the chances of multiplying income.

You can also take the example of Group D of World Cup 2021/22. In this group, France is placed with Finland, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kazakhstan. Hence, France is clearly going to be lot more confident than other top 5 teams as it will manage to have a winning spree by beating all group members. Thus, placing money on it during knock-offs round can be a profitable decision.

What are the profitable strategies that can help win World Cup 2022 bets?

Having the correct strategy in repertoire can help bettors make money from World Cup 2022. But, for doing so, one has to be thorough with the teams’ abilities and their motivation level. While picking the strategy, one has to understand the general trends or patterns observed at the matches. Some of the strategies that are worth trying are:

  1. Don’t go for spread bets: It is better to have points bet at World Cup, such as Over/Under 2 or 3. On the other hand, betting that certain team will defeat the opponent by 2 or more goals is quite risky and almost impossible. It is observed that at World Cup matches, the goal difference is not more than 1 or 2 ever. Hence, points spread becomes quite hard to predict.
  2. Make the accumulator bet during group rounds: It is where the group composition offers the clear clues. Since the composition of most of the groups is such that the matches are mostly between very strong and very weak team, you can create a parlay combo bet by picking such matches. It is found that parlay combos at the group level have benefitted the bettors a lot mostly.
  3. Choose a number of bookmakers to place bets: Having subscription with several bookmakers at once can help you have the opportunity of sure bets. If there are certain odds that are having a big difference (say 4 to 5 points or more) on the same set of bets, you can stake the money for the odd and against it and create sure win opportunity for yourself.
  4. Avoid betting much in advance: World cup bets are available way before the actual tournament. So, many people bet on their country side out of emotions or keeping historical records in mind. Instead, one may select in-play prop bets, game-by-game bets because the current situation and form matter a lot at the World Cup.


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